Livestock Marketing on Your Terms

Legendary Livestock is proud to offer the most versatile and comprehensive livestock marketing platform for today's modern producer.

Starting in October 2017

Selling Livestock

     -Auction Style Listings: You are allowed to place your livestock in an online auction sytle listing where you control the starting price. You only pay the small $7/hd fee if the livestock have a successful bid above your opening price.

     -Production Sales: There is no charge to create your own private production sale event to promote your operation. Charges will only apply to auction listing fees (only if sold), or traditional classified style listing fees.

     -Classified Style Listings: Use photos and video to list your livestock for sale. A small $7/hd fee is charged when creating your listing.

Buying Livestock

     -Connecting with sellers on Legendary Livestock couldn't be easier. There is no fee for buyers using Legendary Livestock. Please see our terms and conditions for additional details for buyers using Legendary Livestock.




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