Legendary Livestock believes in promoting the independent spirit of America’s livestock producers and continues to work to harness new technologies that put marketing power back in the hands of today’s producers. Legendary Livestock is proud to offer a variety of selling platforms.  Producers can sell their cattle using our auction-style format or our classified-style format.  Additionally, producers can create and hold a production sale event using either format to highlight their livestock operation.

As a wife and mother of three young girls, Legendary Livestock's Owner/President, Katie Kringstad, is passionate about empowering others to pursue their dreams. She believes the best opportunities not only have great financial returns, but also allow for flexibility to manage life’s priorities.

Katie hopes you will join her on the journey for continued independence and greater financial success!!


Listen below to an interview with Terry Loomis of AM 890 during the "Inside Ag" program to learn more about Legendary Livestock.

PO Box 3151 Bismarck, ND 58502 | tel: 701-220-9845 (Voice & Text)

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